Would you rather love and hurt or never feel the joy love brings you?

Our thoughts and feelings can be classified as an emotional thriller or a reality check on love, life, and relationships.  Our being can be defined as a journey each of us takes.   Each destination, it’s like different stages, or books, in our lives and starts with page one.  No one can go on this journey for us, each of us have to take our own journeys.  The steps we take on our journey, will determine the type of a book we create, or show the type of life we live.

Our thoughts, wants, desires, and preferences are different paths on this journey.  Each path brings us new feelings, views, and outcomes.  When we reach a destination where we feel like we have found what we were looking for we settle down and open a new book in our lives.   Some of these books are long and heavy and take a long time to complete.  Others are unexpectedly short and light and end before we know what they are called.

We want to belong, to love, and to be loved.  As we grow and search for that one and only we forget who we are and what will or will not work for us.  By the time we open up our eyes and see what is really in front of us we are long gone from what we were looking for.  We find ourselves surrounded in a complicated grown-up world with no way to change the choices we made, or take back the words we have spoken.  “You can’t fix a broken glass“.

One who has paid for love with tears and sorrow down to the deepest core of the heart and soul might wonder if love is worth the price paid.  On the flip side, one who has spent countless lonely nights, and the emptiness for comfort when there is no one with whom to share the wonders and challenges we come upon on our journey … the one who is in search of the soul mate – is willing to pay any price to fulfill this emptiness and need.

But what if you have found that one and only you were searching for,  but you keep going back and forth between the chapters because you have forgotten what page you have left off on?   What if you have lost your path or have come to a cross road on your journey and there is no way to know which one you should take.  You know that you’re not at the end of this book and there are still many chapters to be filled but you can’t keep going forward until you find the right page and you can’t erase the completed chapters from the past.  What are you to do?

What if it’s seems that you have everything you ever wanted but deep down you know that what surrounds you is not where you wanted to end up or not what you expected to find?  What do you do about the unexpected destination you have stumbled upon and what all that you have found there?

Is the price for having love greater than the price for a lonely heart and an empty soul?  There are many things no one tells us about love, life, and relationships in general… until we find ourselves wishing that we could go back and change things.  If we knew how the book ended would we still start it?  If so at what price?

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With open heart, your best friend


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