This moment in time, this knowing that what was once there, now is not… the emptiness that is felt inside – is the precise reason why I begged you to choose your fights wisely.  Relationships entail two d […]

  • Hello, my fellow bloggers and readers!


    I thank you for your interest in my blog and your continuing returns.  As life would have it, all of us get involved with something, with the best intentions and t […]

  • Captured by Love
    Love … we all claim to know what love is, but when asked to describe it, there are as many definitions as there are of us.

    You have most likely heard the following.  Love conquers […]

  • One of the most common things we want is to look our best.  It’s that time again to start working on being fit.

    I’m starting a fitness challenge to workout daily and am tracking it through Spark people.

    Click […]

  • Your Time
    When we are little we can’t wait to grow up.  Then we enter adulthood we think we have all the time in the world.  And then, if we’re lucky at some point in our adult lives we start paying attention t […]

    “Life is so much simpler when you stop explaining your self to people and just do what works for you”.

    Up until recently I’ve spent my entire life making sure that I didn’t say the wrong thing, didn’t do […]


    Make The Time for YOU
    “… You close your eyes and take in a deep, slow breath.  It’s a nice summer morning and the sun is already nicely warming up your skin.  You are sitting outside on your p […]

    • Why only wish? And is this a wish to be somewhere that doesn’t restrict your mind wonder? Or is the wish on finding the time?

  • Togetherness ≈              the key to overcoming anything
    We all want to belong, to be loved, and have someone to share ourselves with.  Relationships replace the emptiness in our lives.  We look for and try to […]

    • Thank you. Your comment reminded me of something. Sometimes we forget that our individuality, dreams, and thoughts matter. And when we do, the thing that we should always remind ourselves, but too often we forget and it ends up being the last thing on our mind, is that “Life is too short to waste our time with people who don’t care about us or hurt us, on things or events that don’t matter, or circumstances that keep us still or drag us down. I’ve finally learned that my time is too important to waste, and that opening his eyes is not up to me. My head is held up high as I take in the view of what’s in front of me. 🙂

  • Would you rather love and hurt or never feel the joy love brings you?
    Our thoughts and feelings can be classified as an emotional thriller or a reality check on love, life, and relationships.  Our being can be […]

  • Situation: Lack of Affection
    The problem is the lack of affection from your one and only.  Due to his work and responsibilities, and all the running around, household responsibilities, and the daily rut you’re […]

    • Hello Amy,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Unlike we are led to believe – our spouses are not equipped to meet all of our emotional needs. There probably isn’t “one” type of person who can meet all of our needs. Men are usually focused on practical going and doing and then the feelings and deep thoughts. In the meantime we are often left alone to our thoughts and feelings which leads us to feelings of loneliness – while in a relationship. That is one of the reasons I have created this blog/community – to show that we are not alone in the way we feel, our thoughts are not wrong, and that we are not alone in the situations that we are in. This is my first blog, and I’m learning as I’m creating it – but my hope is for this to become our “emotional paradise” the place were we can go to share, relate, and set free our thoughts and emotions … often times, all we need is to be heard and understood. Sometimes just sharing your thoughts and feelings is enough to be able to let go and move on which in turn will help us to become better versions of ourselves and enhance other areas of our lives.

  • Springtime Brings Happiness
    It’s so nice to get outside and walk now that it’s not freezing outside.  I’m all for healthy living, and staying active, as long as it’s warm outside… when it’s too cold outside a […]

  • Welcome Spring!
    March!  It’s finally here.
    The month we all have been waiting for.  We have survived another Winter season and it’s holidays.

    My favoring things about March:

    It’s the month that Sp […]

  • Discover Yourself and Learn to Be You
    Being “ME” – Being “YOU” – Being “Real” Matters
    The moment I have finally let go of worry and uncertainty about being me, my eyes opened up to a whole new world around […]

  • Best friend changed their profile picture 10 months ago

  • Best friend changed their profile picture 10 months ago