Too many fights, too little love

  This moment in time, this knowing that what was once there, now is not… the emptiness that is felt inside – is the precise reason why I begged you to choose your fights wisely.  Relationships entail two different individuals with their own likes, dislikes, preferences, and tastes.  When you Continue Reading

Togetherness – It’s the foundation of the relationship future.

Togetherness ≈              the key to overcoming anything We all want to belong, to be loved, and have someone to share ourselves with.  Relationships replace the emptiness in our lives.  We look for and try to build relationships in different areas of our lives.  But the Continue Reading

The Price of Love and Loneliness

Would you rather love and hurt or never feel the joy love brings you? Our thoughts and feelings can be classified as an emotional thriller or a reality check on love, life, and relationships.  Our being can be defined as a journey each of us takes.   Each destination, it’s like different Continue Reading

Lack of Affection

Situation: Lack of Affection The problem is the lack of affection from your one and only.  Due to his work and responsibilities, and all the running around, household responsibilities, and the daily rut you’re tired from, you are feeling disconnected from your partner.  Not only does he not see it, your Continue Reading