Captured by Love


Love … we all claim to know what love is, but when asked to describe it, there are as many definitions as there are of us.

You have most likely heard the following.  Love conquers all.  Love sees no fear.  It endures all and moves mountains.

To take it a step further, all who has had love in their life know that it sweeps us up and makes us fly… but it can also drown us and pull us into the deepest, darkest places.  It has no reason and no logic – but in it’s purest form – it’s the food for the soul.

Love  is the most powerfull form of “magic” known to human.  I’m using the word magic, because love is more than a feeling.  It’s often the reason for our actions.  Love or lack of it is the justification for our “Why’s”.  Love can also be viewed as power.

When we accept and acknowledge love, it makes us strong but if it’s one-sided, used as a tool to abuse or hurt the other person, or is taken for granted  – sooner or later the love leaves… and you can never get that same love back.

Saddly but justifiably the person who was loved often realizes what he or she had only after it’s gone, and very often it’s years or a lifetime later.

This is not to say that you will never love again – rather you will never love in the same way.  After loving someone who didn’t cherish your love, you might still love that person, but now it’s not the pure love you initially had for him or her.  Now your love is guarded and involves other feelings you had based on the reaction you had from your loved one on your love.  It can be hurt, sadness, and even emptiness if the love was one-sided.  It can also be that you’re cautious with how much of your love you share to protect yourself from the pain and disappointment.

If your love wasn’t cherished or wanted you might move on and find new love.  Here too, you might start out with a pure love and if it’s answered with love or affection, your love might be even greater than before, because you are loving someone who’s loving you back.  You might also fall in love with a new person and be cautious about expressing it for the fear of being hurt.  It wouldn’t be half as bad if each hurtful love experience didn’t follow you the rest of your life.  But it does, with each disappointment in love we gain new steps of cautiousness that we take in new relationships or possibilities of.

This is not fair to the new person in your life, but we can’t change our past.  All we can do is give it time, and let trust and our comfort level grow with time which would allow us to open up more and love deeper and stronger over time.


Captured by Love

Being captured by love is the same as having your reason, logic, and reality paralyzed.  You can think but you can’t act based on those thoughts.

If the love lifts you up – you are on top of the world, you’re unstoppable.

But if the love puts you down, you are the prisoner of love without a way to escape, run away or not be in love.  You feel the pain – but you can’t listen to what your brain tells you must to do in order to stop the hurt.

No matter how logical it seems it would be to listen to our mind, our actions to act on the thoughts are frozen.  We think we should walk away, but instead, we fall into the hands of the loved one and pray to never let go.





What is your take on this?