Welcome Spring!

March!  It’s finally here.

The month we all have been waiting for.  We have survived another Winter season and it’s holidays.


My favoring things about March:

  1. It’s the month that Spring begins
  2. The days get warmer
  3. It stays light longer
  4. Days get longer – more time to enjoy life

What symbols do you associate with Spring?

“Zibutes” – the name of the flower in the picture on this page are the flowers that grow in forests where I grew up… they are the first flowers in the Spring to bloom.  As a child I used to run to the near by forest (different times) and after gathering them I would make a bouquet along with some leaves and would give to my mom for “Mother’s Day”.

Things to look forward to:

Now that the snow has melted, as soon as it’s warm enough to be outside without a jacket I can get back to self teaching gardening.  I actually enjoy getting the yard cleaned up and ready for the new grass to come in and start planting new things.

It’s a third summer that we have our home and this year I have big plans for it, but more on it will be posted in the “Your Garden” section of the website.


Six days after this post, It’s March 8 and we have had a couple of days of snow and the cold is back.  A little suggestion that is helping me is getting things done inside so that when it finally gets and stays warm I don’t have to be inside and can go and enjoy doing things outside.   Happy waiting!


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