“Life is so much simpler when you stop explaining your self to people and just do what works for you”.

Up until recently I’ve spent my entire life making sure that I didn’t say the wrong thing, didn’t do the wrong thing, or that my actions or words didn’t bring disappointment, disapproval, or plain anger to others regardless of what I thought, felt, wanted, or needed.  Others always came first.

When faced with negative reactions, or doing something differently than others I always looked for way to explain myself, to prove what I was doing, or not take credit for something that was good out of shame and insecurity.  Looking back, I see that this was so strong that most of the time I would completely pass on doing something that I wanted so that I wouldn’t have to explain my self.  And the times that I did do something I liked or expressed thoughts or opinions was only after I would come up with an explanation or excuse for doing something.

Your life is yours to live! 

Now that I have realized that I don’t have to live that way I’m free to be me.  I matter.  What I think, want, feel, or do matters.  There will be people who like and accept me for who I am, and there will be people who don’t.  Nobody should waste their life on people who don’t accept, respect, and cherish you for who you are.  Time doesn’t stand still so why would you waste it on people who don’t appreciate you or who make your life sad?  It doesn’t matter if it’s friends, relatives, or strangers.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation to be you or enjoy life.  Many times after doing something new or different from others we feel the need to explain or justify our selves. But do other people who you know do that too? Do they apologize for liking something different from you? No, often, they look at you funny so that you wouldn’t look funny at them.




Your time is a present you give for those with whom you choose to share your life.  


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