Make The Time for YOU

“… You close your eyes and take in a deep, slow breath.  It’s a nice summer morning and the sun is already nicely warming up your skin.  You are sitting outside on your patio with your coffee in your hands as you get lost in silence”.  There are no kids running up to you with all the “Mommy this and mommy that”, there is no need to go, run, rush, plan, do, take care of, fix, or make — none of that right now.  Right now it’s your time.  You need your time.  You deserve to have your time.

Without having “You” time, you get tired, exhausted, and run down.  Your health, mood, appearance, and overall well-being starts deteriorating.  You haven’t been taking “You time”, therefore, you haven’t been recharging yourself so you would be able to enjoy all the things in your life that you are working so for.  When you get yourself to this point, you pass on the possibilities that would enrich your life, and things that you would like to do that comes your way.  What’s worse, you’re not happy with your life, your surroundings, or things that used to bring you joy because, you’re simply too tired.

… Right now, with your eyes closed, as you sit in the sunshine silently sipping your coffee, focus on only you.  This is Your time.  Enjoy it.  Embrace it.  Love it.  Let your mind take you to a place that relaxes your mind and leaves all the worries behind.  Or if you happen to have nice scenery from your patio, assuming there is a time of day (probably very early) when no one is going to interrupt you, you can enjoy this view too… whatever it is that shuts off your mind and lets you focus on the moment you’re in.  Be in this state and focus on remembering – You.  You take care of everyone around you and then some, all the time.  And it’s wonderful.  You’re a great mom, “spouse”, friend, person – and everyone wants your time, your help, your support… and you give all of it to everyone who wants or needs your time.  But you need your time too.

So make the time for you… get back to that scenic place that lets you focus on you, and relax.  Life is full of “To-do” lists, problems, chores, and everything in between.  Taking at least 30 minutes out of your day for “your time” is not going to make a big difference to the things that need to get done… but it will make a tremendous difference for you.  The priority now is YOU.  Having 30 minutes to yourself, where everybody knows its YOUR time” will make a big difference in how you feel, because you will feel recharged, relaxed, and renewed – ready to take on the world while feeling and looking your best.

Make yourself a priority.

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      1. I wish because I don't get either of those and I wish for both. Only a Sagittarius would know about the importance of letting the mind wander 🙂

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