Hello and Welcome to Your Best Friends Place blog!

I’m thrilled to have you here.

This is Your online Best Friend’s Place that you can visit at your convenience!

My hope for this blog, is for it to become the feel good place.  You know, the way you feel when you’re hanging out with your best friend: you’re yourself, you can talk just about anything; you’re relaxed, and are taking in and sharing information, sharing advice, stories, and tips on various topics.

Here you will find:

  • Blog posts and information on life and roles we have in it,
  • Points of view and feelings,
  • Everyday challenges we face at different times in our lives
  • Life indulgences (enjoying little things) and what helps us to be:
    • motivated – to take that step and keep going
    • inspired – see the sunshine
    • staying positive – your glass is half full, choose to see and be happy!
  •  Learning to be happy with yourself – loving yourself
  • And on living the life you always wanted to live – or at least eliminating from your life that which is no longer working for you, or is in the way of Your best life.

This is Your “Emotional Paradise”

This blog is also Your place for your inner You to escape to.  Where you can be you – no judgement or worries about what someone might say or think.  Just, relax, relate, and take in what you need, when you need it.  I’m offering you an emotional support from a best friend’s point of view.

On the pages of this blog I will be sharing various information, some will be older, some newer.  This information and points of view will come from things I’ve lived through and learned from; read in books or magazines or have seen on TV. I feel that I have a lot I can share with you of what I know or am learning each day.  I’m very curious and ambitious so naturally I collect and save various bits of information that is useful, good to know, interesting, is nice to look at, teaches you how to do something or open your mind to new thoughts, views or possibilities.

About Me

I’m a mom, wife, and a realtor who strives to live a positive-healthy-happy lifestyle.  I have always been that friend who is a shoulder to cry on, who will hold your hand, and who will hear you out without judging or criticizing. I’m the friend who will go with you on that half-day out-of-state trip just because you needed to see that “special someone”.

I have also been known to try new things, experiment with new recipes, and will take up challenges that can potentially make me better.  I’m artistic, creative, ambitious, and passionate.

My interests range from raising kids, being a good parent, motherhood, to homes, interior design, remodeling, healthy eating and nutrition, becoming my best version as a mom, a wife, a person, a friend – and being my best in whatever role I’m in. I believe in dream boards, setting your mind up through positive thinking, and in the fact that each one of us always has a choice in the words we use and actions we take.

I hope you will find that Your Best Friends Place is exactly what you need when you need an emotional escape, online friend, or both. You are not alone in going through whatever life has thrown your way – if you need to chat, get advice or emotional support, or just to forget your troubles even if it’s just for a moment – I’m here for you. Lets connect and take it one step at a time.

I started this blog because I wanted to share, inspire, motivate, encourage, and support you when you need a friend.  This site is Your Best Friends Place!  Let’s connect and be friends.


Yours Truly, Your Best Friend

                                                At Your Best Friends Place





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