Too many fights, too little love

  This moment in time, this knowing that what was once there, now is not… the emptiness that is felt inside – is the precise reason why I begged you to choose your fights wisely.  Relationships entail two different individuals with their own likes, dislikes, preferences, and tastes.  When you Continue Reading

Best friend returns

Hello, my fellow bloggers and readers!   I thank you for your interest in my blog and your continuing returns.  As life would have it, all of us get involved with something, with the best intentions and then the unpredictable aspects of life take over and you get so wrapped Continue Reading

Captured by Love

Captured by Love LOVE Love … we all claim to know what love is, but when asked to describe it, there are as many definitions as there are of us. You have most likely heard the following.  Love conquers all.  Love sees no fear.  It endures all and moves mountains. Continue Reading

Working out

One of the most common things we want is to look our best.  It’s that time again to start working on being fit. I’m starting a fitness challenge to workout daily and am tracking it through Spark people. Click here to join the challenge.

Your Time

Your Time When we are little we can’t wait to grow up.  Then we enter adulthood we think we have all the time in the world.  And then, if we’re lucky at some point in our adult lives we start paying attention to how we spend our time. Are the Continue Reading

Stop explaining, start living

  “Life is so much simpler when you stop explaining your self to people and just do what works for you”. Up until recently I’ve spent my entire life making sure that I didn’t say the wrong thing, didn’t do the wrong thing, or that my actions or words didn’t Continue Reading

Make the Time for You

Make The Time for YOU “… You close your eyes and take in a deep, slow breath.  It’s a nice summer morning and the sun is already nicely warming up your skin.  You are sitting outside on your patio with your coffee in your hands as you get lost in Continue Reading

Togetherness – It’s the foundation of the relationship future.

Togetherness ≈              the key to overcoming anything We all want to belong, to be loved, and have someone to share ourselves with.  Relationships replace the emptiness in our lives.  We look for and try to build relationships in different areas of our lives.  But the Continue Reading

The Price of Love and Loneliness

Would you rather love and hurt or never feel the joy love brings you? Our thoughts and feelings can be classified as an emotional thriller or a reality check on love, life, and relationships.  Our being can be defined as a journey each of us takes.   Each destination, it’s like different Continue Reading

Lack of Affection

Situation: Lack of Affection The problem is the lack of affection from your one and only.  Due to his work and responsibilities, and all the running around, household responsibilities, and the daily rut you’re tired from, you are feeling disconnected from your partner.  Not only does he not see it, your Continue Reading